Niza Knoll


NIZA was born in Haifa, and as a child lived in Vienna, Paris, and Montreal, before settling in a diverse immigrant neighborhood in New York. Throughout her life she has had to learn to express herself in many languages and adapt to a mix of cultures. She believes this need to discover and create various ways to communicate pushed her to become a multi-disciplinary artist. Niza seeks out and studies different media—acrylic and oil, photography, graphic design, stone and clay—constantly in search of the form, or combination of forms, that will best allow her to express herself. She received her formal training in painting and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Before becoming a full-time visual artist she had two rewarding careers as a graphic designer and a teacher of painting and photography.

Her gallery is located at 915 Santa Fe Drive... Denver, Colorado 80204....   in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver, Colorado.

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